ITRF Poll: Economy and Taxes are Top of Mind for Iowa Voters

WEST DES MOINES, IA (April 10, 2023) – Nearly three-quarters of likely Iowa voters say the U.S. is on the wrong track, and two-thirds have an unfavorable opinion of President Joe Biden, according to the latest ITR Foundation Poll.

Feelings about the direction of the state are more positive, with Governor Kim Reynolds’ seen as favorable by over half of those surveyed. 

ITR President Chris Hagenow said, “In the face of the Biden economic disaster, Iowans understand and appreciate how well Iowa is being run by Governor Reynolds and Iowa’s conservative leadership.”

Former President Donald Trump prevails by six points over Biden in a hypothetical 2024 presidential matchup despite losing Independents by eight percent. On the other hand, Governor Ron DeSantis handily defeats Biden by ten points with a better performance than Trump among Independents.

In the Republican presidential primary, Trump leads DeSantis by seven percent, with the two being the clear frontrunners. Twenty percent of primary voters are undecided.

Iowans are pessimistic about their financial outlook and say inflation has significantly impacted them. Two-thirds of voters, including a plurality of Democrats, support the state setting limits on how much a local government can tax and spend. Similar support is given to a proposed amendment to the Iowa constitution requiring a legislative supermajority to increase the state income tax.

Over a third of voters cite the breakdown of traditional values as the greatest challenge facing the American family.

Hagenow added, “Kitchen-table economic issues are front and center with Iowa voters who are increasingly concerned with their own bottom line. Iowa voters across the political spectrum want relief from the insatiable spending appetite of government at all levels.”

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