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You know how the government keeps taking more of your money and time?

Well, Iowans for Tax Relief (ITR) works to:

    • Educate Iowans about our solutions
    • Activate Iowans in support of our solutions
    • Influence elected officials to enact our solutions

So the government will get out of your pocket and off your back.

The problem is that big-spending politicians too often listen to the noisy special interests, which leaves you feeling frustrated, ignored, and ripped off. ITR believes the government should create a level playing field for everyone and not pick winners and losers.

"ITR has been fighting for Iowa taxpayers for over 40 years. I can't tell you how important that is. When ITR is at the Capitol, they are not working for just one business or industry. They represent ALL Iowa taxpayers." - Governor Kim Reynolds

Most lobbyists at the Capitol work to increase the amount of tax dollars given to their clients. ITR has lobbyists at the Capitol too, and they speak up for you, the taxpayer. However, because many elected officials are concerned about their reelection, active and engaged citizens are the most influential.

This is why ITR makes it easy for Iowans to have informed conversations with those who control state and local budgets. We do this by simplifying complex issues, providing relevant information, and giving you easy-to-use tools for contacting your elected officials.

If Iowans don't speak up, the government can continue to wreck your household budget and make you comply with unnecessary regulations.

As the voice of the taxpayer, ITR's efforts have led to many taxpayer victories in recent years:

    • Created a 3.9% flat individual income tax rate
    • Eliminated state income taxes on retirement income
    • Eliminated Iowa's inheritance tax
    • Set a path to reduce the corporate income tax from 9.8% to 5.5%
    • Phased-out special tax incentives in the corporate tax code
    • Modernized the sales tax code to provide a level playing field between online businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses
    • Increased property tax transparency for cities and counties
    • Eliminated the county mental health property tax levy
    • Reformed Iowa's unemployment system
    • Enacted home-based business protections

Join ITR today, stay informed, and take action. It's free!

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