ITR in the News

Did you see ITR in the news this week? In case you missed it, we had articles in multiple state-wide publications.


In his Des Moines Register guest column, ITR President Chris Ingstad said property tax reform legislation should include:

  1. Control growth: Legislation should control the growth of property taxes, while still ensuring local governments can raise enough revenue to fund their priorities.
  2. Local decision-making: Legislation should keep the state removed from local government decisions.
  3. Transparency and accountability: Legislation should provide a way for local governments to collect as much revenue as they believe they need as long as there’s a process of transparency, citizen input, and accountability.


Policy Director John Hendrickson's article, Property Taxes Need Accountability and Transparency, was printed in the Quad City Times and posted on Caffeinated Thoughts and The Iowa Standard. Hendrickson argues the most effective policy to control the growth of property taxes is to focus on local government spending and making sure there is more accountability and transparency.


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