Have Politicians Ever Made a Bad Decision?

Yes, they have.


Those bad decisions impact your daily life What can we do to keep state government on the right track?


Your opinion could make a difference at the Capitol. Earlier this year, then-Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer said, "When I want to know how taxes will affect Iowans and small businesses, I go ITR."


How do we know what Iowans are thinking? We ask questions such as:

  • Should contract lobbyists paid with taxpayer dollars from cities, counties, and school districts be subject to the same open records laws as public employees?
  • The state of Iowa has a constitutionally protected fund to pay for water quality and outdoor recreation projects. Would you support or oppose a three-eighths-cent increase in the state sales tax to fill the fund?
  • There is no guarantee the scheduled income tax cuts passed in 2018 will happen. Should legislators make sure they do?


Please take a few minutes to complete this short, 10-question survey so your voice can help the limited government message be heard in the Capitol.

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