The FBI Never Raided Herbert Hoover

Don't mess with historians. They take documents seriously.

What does the FBI raid of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate have to do with Herbert Hoover's birthday? Very little, but Chris and John do their best to try and make it happen. What are the implications of the FBI raid on former President Trump's office? What is the Biden Administration's Department of Justice really trying to accomplish here, and why is it really poor politics for Democrats?

Perhaps only slightly less newsworthy is the 31st President's birthday on August 10th. Iowa's own Herbert Hoover is often misunderstood and takes far too much blame for the Great Depression. John has many things to say about Hoover, and this episode showcases a small piece of his vast knowledge of US history.

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You can read more from John about Hoover here:

Many other of John's great articles on history can be found on the ITR Foundation website.

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