The Best Way to Control Property Taxes

The Problem:

Iowans are frustrated by the amount they pay in property taxes: 63 percent say the level of property tax is too much according to a recent statewide poll.

However, as Iowans demand property tax relief, their cries for help are ignored by the local elected officials who determine tax bills with the amount they choose to spend.

Who determines your tax bill?

Many people think the increasing value of a property is the reason their tax bill grows.

It isn't. Local government spending is the reason property taxes increase and spending is controlled by school board members, city council members, and county supervisors. These elected officials can choose to not ride the wave of increased assessments and instead reduce the property tax rate.

Some have done a good job; others have chosen to let property tax revenue grow much faster than community growth and inflation. Take a look at this school district and city:

The blue line in the charts represents a reasonable growth rate in the local government's budget for each community. The red line shows the property tax revenue. Look at the gap between the red and blue lines and percent totals. Elected officials on this school board and city council have chosen to spend more than would be reasonably expected.

These school board and city council members chose to spend more and increase property taxes. They need to provide a good reason for the increase or be voted out of office.

Were the charts above from your community?

Find out how your current school board and city council members have impacted your property tax bill by going to

Take Action:

The best way to protect your property tax bill from unreasonable growth is to have pro-taxpayer candidates win elections!

Tuesday, GET OUT AND VOTE in your school board and city council elections. These elections could have a direct and lasting impact on your property tax bill.


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