Special Announcement

"GOP Poised to Cement Grip on Iowa, Ending Its Swing-State Status," according to a Bloomberg article. 


Special Announcement: On another action-packed episode of ITR Live, we have a special breaking news announcement from Chris Hagenow that election 2022 watchers won't want to miss. John Hendrickson also has exclusive breaking news from his homeland of Minnesota.

The gang discusses a recent article from Bloomberg, which posits, "GOP Poised to Cement Grip on Iowa, Ending Its Swing-State Status". While the headline is exciting for the team in red, Chris argues that the grip has already been cemented, and what's happening in this election is just the new normal.

The Tax Foundation has released its 2023 State Business Tax Climate Index. As Iowa begins to phase in its series of recently enacted tax cuts, we can see how much tax reform was truly needed in Iowa, and John again has the inside scoop on how strong Iowa will compare once we are done.

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