ITR In The News

As the 2024 Legislative Session quickly approaches, ITR’s message has been picked up by media outlets across the state:

“Iowans are overtaxed. That money can be better spent by Iowans than the government.”
– ITR President Chris Hagenow on Iowa Press

Chris Hagenow, president of Iowans for Tax Relief and a former Republican state lawmaker, praised Reynolds’ effort to “streamline state government” and ensure Iowa taxpayers are “getting the value for their investment in government.”

“And clearly, there is a significant room to continue to lower income tax rates and hopefully accelerate the implementation of our flat tax,” Hagenow said. “For each individual Iowan that may be struggling with this economy, or just looking to get ahead, it allows them to keep more of their dollars.” – Quad City Times

“Clearly, there is significant room to continue to lower income tax rates,” Iowans for Tax Relief president Chris Hagenow said. “…Excited to see what you [Gov. Reynolds] might have planned for us going forward.” – Radio Iowa

Kim Reynolds is correct to prioritize more income tax reform in 2024 – DM Register op-ed by ITR Foundation’s John Hendrickson

The conservative tax policy group Iowans for Tax Relief is advocating for accelerating the current tax cuts and developing a long-term plan to eventually eliminating the state income tax. – The Gazette

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