Unemployment Reform

HF 2355
Passed House 58-37 on March 23
Passed Senate 30-14 on April 26
Sent to the governor 


Iowa weathered the economic storm brought upon us by COVID better than any other state, but there are still help wanted signs and businesses reducing hours our closing because they can't find workers.

To help solve this problem, a major unemployment overhaul was passed making us much more in line with other states. This reform:

  1. Reduces regular unemployment weeks from 26 to 16 weeks, and reduces unemployment weeks from plant closures from 39 to 26 weeks
  2. Adds a definition of employee "misconduct"
  3. Reduces the percentage of unemployment benefits one receives each week a person refuses a job offer

Why does this matter?

This reform will reduce the amount of time individuals spend on unemployment and help get Iowans back to work faster. Instead of having generous, big-labor benefits, the system will now be more responsible and recognize our economy's need for workers.


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