Time to Cut the Red Tape Tax

ITR's Job Licensing Solutions Match the Governor's


It is no secret Iowa is the second most licensed state. This makes it more difficult and more expensive for Iowans to earn a living and fill high-demand jobs.

When Governor Reynolds spoke about professional licensing reform during the Condition of the State address, her solutions were identical to ITR's:

  • Job License Reviews
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Universal Recognition
  • Fee waivers for low-income workers

These reforms would encourage people not just to move into our great state, but to also make it easier to start careers and professions.

Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, Chair of the House State Government Committee, told listeners of Simon Conway's WHO Radio show, "If you are a good plumber in Nevada and move to Iowa, you shouldn't have to go back to school to learn what you are already an expert in. Regulation cost put predominantly on middle-class families is like a red-tape tax."

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