Support for Conservative Leaders Increases Significantly

Support for Conservative leaders in Iowa has grown significantly since the 2020 election.


ITR Foundation released the results of the new ITR Foundation Poll, which indicates that Iowan's support for Conservative leaders has grown significantly since the 2020 election.

Less than one year ago, Donald Trump won Iowa over Joe Biden by 8 points. In this poll, that number has ballooned to a nearly 14 point lead. In the race for the United States Senate, Senator Chuck Grassley holds a commanding 16.6 point over former Congresswoman Abby Finkenaur.

Even more striking in these results is the generic congressional ballot which currently gives Republicans an 18.5% lead.

Iowans for Tax Relief Vice President Chris Hagenow said, “If the generic congressional ballot is anywhere near this number next fall, the 2022 election will be landslide victories for Republicans up and down the ballot.”

Voters in Iowa overwhelmingly oppose President Joe Biden and his massive $3.5 billion spending plan.

Hagenow continued, “The hard-working taxpayers of Iowa place great value on conservative government and clearly want to support leaders that will hold the line against extreme liberal overreach.”

ITR Foundation (formerly TEF Iowa) works to increase freedom and opportunity for all Iowans by promoting a pro-growth tax code, a friendly business climate, and an education system that prepares responsible leaders and citizens for the workforce.

Complete results of the ITR Foundation Poll can be found here.



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