Session Opening Remarks from Leadership

"The ultimate goal is to ensure the people who work hard for their money are getting to keep more of it." - Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver


Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver
"We can continue to do more to simplify and make taxes lower, fairer, and more efficient. But the ultimate goal is to ensure the people who work hard for their money are getting to keep more of it.

We still have a long way to go in our race to be the best state in the country. We passed the largest tax cut in Iowa’s history. It was a huge reform package, and now that we are a few years into that plan, we are starting to see some of the results and benefits. And more needs to be done. We want to continue to reduce those rates to bring our state from the back of the pack to one of the states with the lowest rates."


Iowa Senate President Charles Schneider
"The more we can lower income taxes, the sooner Iowans will be able to pay off student loans, buy a home, start a family, save for their children’s education, or put aside money for retirement.

We know a state’s tax climate can attract people. It can also drive them away. According to the Tax Foundation, Iowa ranks 42nd in business tax climate. The income tax cut bill we passed two years ago has improved our ranking, and it will continue to improve as the bill phases in over time. Still, it is a barrier to growth and an area where we must improve."


Speaker of the Iowa House Rep. Pat Grassley
"Our reserve accounts are full … we have a healthy ending balance … we’ve made smart investments in priorities like K-12 schools, workforce training, and public safety … all while lessening the tax burden on hard-working Iowa families and small businesses."


House Majority Leader Matt Windschitl
"Let us strive to find new and ingenuitive ways to make Iowans freer. Free from burdensome government regulations. Free from an overly complex tax system. Free to raise their families and live their lives without the fear of government intrusion. Free to exercise their individual fundamental rights without government sanction or approval. Free to provide the best education possible for their children how they see fit. Free from the many hands of government reaching into their pocket for yet one more dollar of their hard-earned money."

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