On the Air – Talking Property Tax Reform

Thursday, ITR President Chris Ingstad was on the WHO Radio’s Simon Conway program. They discussed property tax reform.

In Conway’s segment introduction he said, “The authorities that take our property taxes, they spend too much money. They spend way too much money the only way to make them go on a diet is to cut off the source.”

Ingstad added, “We need to get to the root of the problem which is local government spending and find a way to slow that down.” He later shared ITR’s proposed solutions and answered a few questions from callers.

Listen to the entire interview.

Simon's Next Guest: The Governor

Governor Kim Reynolds was next on the Simon Conway Show. Simon reminded her that property tax reform was not part of her condition of the state address.

The governor replied, “I said at the end of the condition of the state that I want to continue to work with this legislature to look for opportunities and ways to reduce taxes on Iowans. I had already spoke with members of the House and Senate. They indicated they had an interest on really working on property taxes and how we can reduce the impact on our elderly population, our small businesses, our farmers, and Iowans in general. Hopefully we can get something through this legislative session and get it to my desk.”

When talking about last year’s income tax reform she said, “Maybe, if the economy continues to grow like we are seeing, we could even expedite some of the tax cuts we put in place.”

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