Occupational Licensing Reform

1. It's Time to Cut This Red Tape Tax

2. Establish a Full Sunrise and Sunset Review Process of All Iowa's Occupational Licenses 


Excessive and burdensome occupational licensing laws serve as a red tape tax that disproportionately impact Iowa’s working class. These laws make it more difficult and expensive for Iowans to earn a living and fill high-demand jobs. Job licensing exists to protect the public, but in many cases, the licensing requirements, or the license itself, do not make sense. It is necessary for lawmakers to consider legislation that establishes a full sunrise and sunset review process of all Iowa’s occupational licenses to make sure that the licenses and licensing requirements currently on the books make sense and truly serve to protect the public—not just provide a bigger barrier for hardworking Iowans.

The Iowa State Legislature and Governor Reynolds took bold efforts to improve Iowa’s licensing situation in 2020 by making it easier for skilled workers from other states to move to Iowa and continue working. It is time to take the next step for workers who are already living in Iowa who desire to join a licensed profession. Licensing requirements should be reasonable and designed to ensure the health and safety of consumers, but excessive requirements create an unnecessary, costly burden to entering the workforce. It’s time to cut this red tape tax and help get Iowans back to work.

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