There’s More Than One Way to Cut Tape

There's More Than One Way to Cut Tape

In Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds, the Iowa Legislature, and business leaders are all attempting to find, develop, or recruit qualified workers. Our state needs to ensure people wanting jobs aren't trapped in bureaucratic red tape.


Three states are good examples of what Iowa could do for occupational licening reform:

  • Nebraska's licensing laws will now be reviewed periodically, repealed or modified if needed, and more friendly to those with a criminal history wanting to work.
  • Pennsylvania basically put up a huge "Welcome to Our State" sign with universal recognition of occupational licenses from other states.
  • Arizona is now waiving licensing board fees for low-income workers. In Iowa, the average fee to get an occupational license is $178. This means Iowa's working families have to choose between a government license or their weekly trip to the grocery store.


Reducing occupational licensing burdens can lead to job creation, more entrepreneurial opportunities, increased incomes, and even reduced prices to consumers.


The upcoming legislative session will provide Governor Reynolds and the Legislature an opportunity to deliver these positive outcomes by cutting the bureaucratic red tape tax that is occupational licensing.


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