Make it Easier to Work and Start Businesses

This week the Wall Street Journal's Editorial Board published an opinion piece (Arizona Occupational Welcome-Subscription Required) that discussed Arizona's efforts to make it easier to work and start businesses there.  The most recent step the Arizona legislature has taken was the introduction of legislation that would recognize other states' occupational licenses even if those other states do not reciprocate.  Past legislation that became law in Arizona has included the recognition of out-of-state licenses for military spouses, the waiver of licensing board fees for workers who are below 200% of the poverty level, and the easing of regulation for workers with a criminal record as long as there was no threat to public safety.


The Wall Street Journal articles points out that Arizona's population growth can be at least partially attributed to a better regulatory climate that welcomes workers to that state with open arms.  Iowans for Tax Relief has been supportive of HSB 180, an occupational licensing reform bill introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives this session.  Reform that ensures occupational licensing isn't excessive or overly burdensome can lead to job creation, more entrepreneurial opportunities, reduced prices, and increased incomes.  These positive outcomes are all a result of cutting the bureaucratic red tape tax that is  job licensing.

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