Keeping an Eye on Georgia

Three weeks ago Georgia's Governor started to ease restrictions in his state. Soon after, ITR co-wrote and shared an op-ed that was published in the Des Moines Register and Sioux City Journal saying Georgia's reopening is worth studying.

So, what has happened in Georgia over the last 21 days? Confirmed cases and deaths have started to decrease.

On May 8, Governor Reynolds lifted some restrictions in 77 counties. A week later, on May 15, the reopening was extended statewide.

Below is a list of what is fully open, open at 50 percent, and still closed:

Fully open:

Grocery stores
Banks and Credit Unions
Gas stations/Auto supply
Day Care
Mail/Shipping services
Service Stores
Medical spas
Tanning facilities
Massage therapy
Tattoo establishments
Drive-in theaters

Open at 50%:

Fitness centers
Other retail stores
Salons and barbershops
Social & fraternal clubs

Still Closed:

Senior centers
Adult daycares
Aquariums and zoos
Swimming pools
Skating rinks and parks
Door-to-door sales
Mass gatherings (with exceptions)
Farmers markets (with exceptions)

For more information, details, and exceptions, read the governor's full proclamation.

As Iowa reopens, not everybody will rush out; most will use good judgment and begin by returning to patronize the businesses they trust. Americans are a self-governing people. That means exercising some self-restraint and demonstrating what we’ve learned about social distancing over the past month-plus.

Personal responsibility remains paramount. We are all still required to be smart, vigilant, and considerate toward others.


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