ITR Talks Property Taxes on WHO Radio

Tuesday morning, ITR President Chris Ingstad was on WHO Radio’s Need to Know with Jeff Angelo. Jeff and Chris discussed property taxes and what can be done to slow down rapidly increasing tax bills. Jeff said, “When I was looking at your chart yesterday that your organization put out, you said the property taxes have doubled over the past 18 years, and that was put in the chart as they have gone up 100%. I thought, what other area of taxation would taxes go up 100% and the voters wouldn’t be grabbing the torches and pitchforks?”

Chris responded, “Some tell us they never really own their house, they are only paying rent. In terms of property taxes, retirees will tell us they can’t keep up. But, it is not only retirees or people on a fixed income, middle-class America doesn’t just run into new money every year. When taxes go up, that money has to come from somewhere in a household budget.”

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