ITR Hosts Roundtable in Ottumwa

Last week ITR hosted a roundtable breakfast in Ottumwa. Candidates Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (SD41), Holly Brink (HD80), and Cherielynn Westrich (HD81) were joined by Senator Ken Rozenboom and many area taxpayers. It was a great discussion. One attendee simply said, “Change Iowa!” Some other comments shared were:

“Iowa has some of the nation’s highest corporate and individual income tax rates. It doesn’t matter how beautiful, how safe, or how great our education system is, if people can’t afford to live here, they are not going to stay.”

“This year’s tax reform will reduce rates, leading to economic growth. That will trigger a further reduction in rates.”

“Businesses don’t pay taxes. Those taxes are passed on in the form of higher prices to consumers.”

“We need basic services from the government but WE can decide what to do with our own money better than the government.”

It is good to hear candidates and Iowa taxpayers share ITR’s vision of smaller government, lower taxes, and limited regulations.

How Does Tax Relief Help Iowans?

A business owner told us when the legislature passed tax relief, he wouldn’t pocket extra cash, he would turn around and reinvest in his business. That means more jobs and higher wages.

ITR fights to help families and businesses not just stay in Iowa, but to help them grow and thrive.

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