ITR Hosts Roundtable in Newton

Last week ITR hosted a roundtable luncheon in Newton. State Senate candidate Rep. Zach Nunn and House candidates Ann Howell and Brian Lohse listened as taxes, spending, and budget priorities were discussed by area taxpayers.

A small business owner in attendance said, “Because of tax reform I gave all my employees a raise and a bonus based on years of service. I am listening again and if the state says they are moving toward more tax relief, I am going to move with them. My employees are listening too and they know we are all moving in the same direction.”

Some other comments were:

“Taxpayers are not an endless source of money. Government needs to be held accountable and responsible to those who pay the bills.”

“We have to make Iowa more competitive. When small businesses succeed the Iowa economy is strong.”

“Lowering taxes makes Iowa more attractive and increases revenue.”

It is good to hear from Iowa taxpayers who share ITR’s vision of lower taxes, reduced spending, and fewer regulations.

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