How to Contact Your Elected Officials

Elected officials remember persuasive stories supporting or opposing public policy. Your voice can make a difference!

Here are some guidelines for talking with elected officials:

Don't Wait. Legislation can move quickly and you should contact legislators before they vote on a bill.

Be Brief and Specific. Try to share your position clearly and concisely.

Personalize.  Tell a story instead of using statistics.

Ask for Action. Clearly ask them to support or oppose a bill.

Stay Polite and Positive. Remember what your grandma said about attracting more flies with honey

Below are some easy-to-use tools to email and call legislators along with information to make a visit to the Capitol more productive.

Send An Email

Click on the image below to visit our Action Center. From that page:

  1. Enter your zip code and click the enter arrow
  2. Enter your street address and the enter arrow

A page will then display all your federal and state elected officials.

Place a checkmark to the left of the offical you would like to email and click "Compose Message."

Make a Phone Call

Again, visit our Action Center and enter your zip code and street address.

From the list of federal and state elected officials, click on the name of the official you would like to call. A profile window will open with contact information, including phone numbers.

Many times you will be asked to leave a message. Be sure to leave your name, address so they know you are their constituent, and a phone number for them to call you back.

Go to the Capitol

Share you opinion and take a look at the legislative process!

Parking. The visitor parking lots and two public entrances are marked on the map below. Click on the map for a larger, printable file.


Inside the Capitol. (Click for a Room Map) Walk to the center of the Capitol and use the stairs or elevator to go up to the rorunda on the second floor. The House chamber is on one side and Senate on the other.

Unless you have a previously scheduled appointment and meeting location, you must fill out a message slip to meet with your legislator. The slips are located on small tables outside the chambers (see picture below). The House uses yellow slips and the Senate uses pink slips. After filling out the slip, you give it to the doorman. The doorman will see if your legislator is in the chambers and deliver the message.


When your legislator comes out to meet you, be sure to introduce yourself and let them know where you live if they don't know you. Remember, elected officials place more value in conversations with their constituents.

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