Home-Based Business Protections

1. Increase Home-Based Business Protections

2. Bar Municipalities From Increasing Regulations On Home-Based Businesses Beyond A Reasonable Level


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented times, and with it, business models oriented more around the home. With numerous service-oriented jobs lost during the pandemic, many affected workers have met that challenge with ingenuity and opened their own home-based businesses.

Unfortunately, some municipalities have met this entrepreneurial ingenuity with heightened scrutiny, creating additional licensing burdens or excessive and unreasonable zoning hurdles.

To clarify, municipalities should maintain the ability to regulate traffic flow relative to the character of a neighborhood, regulate external housing features in a way that is compatible with residential zoning standards, and even require registration of certain home occupations with the city as a means to protect health and safety if they deem that registration necessary, like occupations with greater occurrences of human trafficking. Blanket prohibitions of professions that do not interfere unreasonably with the character of a neighborhood, traffic control, or the general health and safety of a community should not, however, be subject to enhanced scrutiny or regulation by a municipality.

The Iowa Legislature should act to increase home-based business protections and bar municipalities from increasing regulations on home-based businesses beyond a reasonable level.


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