The Best Taxpayer Protection

What if we told you winning elections is the best taxpayer protection? Would it motivate you to vote and encourage your friends and family to vote?


City council and school board members have a significant impact on your property tax bill, and those elections are in one month.


A commenter on social media recently wrote,

"I would gladly look any politician in the eye and tell him/her that public education is underfunded."


Good for them. Talking to a politician is easy. Would the same person:

Stand at the door of a retired person living on Social Security and tell them they are going to take an extra $50 per month from them in property taxes?

Tell some young parents at a gas station with a couple of kids only putting $15 of gas in a well-traveled minivan that their rent will increase because of property taxes?


Government budgets are funded with taxpayer dollars from you, your neighbors, and people from the two scenarios above. In fact, Americans spent more on taxes in 2018 than on food, clothing, and health care combined!


How do we know which candidate to support? 


Ask questions like these:

  • How will you work to lower my property tax bill?
  • When creating a budget, will you first look at available revenue or the desired spending increases?
  • Where do you see the most waste in the current budget?
  • How will you make spending more transparent?
  • What will you do to create a more efficient budget?

If the answers to these questions threaten the safety of your bank account, do not vote for that candidate!


Get involved, do your homework, and vote for candidates who will create a better community as well as slow the growth of taxes and spending.


Encourage friends and neighbors to vote as well. Every vote does count!




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