Opening the 2020 Legislative Session

The opening remarks for the 2020 legislative session have a common theme: Iowans deserve every opportunity to grow, prosper, and keep more of their hard-earned money. Iowans for Tax Relief (ITR) agrees.


In the Condition of the State address, Governor Kim Reynolds has proposed cutting income tax rates an additional 10 percent. The Governor explained, “With this new round of tax cuts, our top rate will be down to 5.5 percent by 2023.”


ITR Government Relations Director Victoria Sinclair said, "It is encouraging to hear that Governor Reynolds, as well as leadership from both the House and Senate, are committed to improving our state's tax code. The income tax bill passed by the legislature during the 2018 session was a great step toward rate reduction. It makes sense that legislators should evaluate if the long timeline and high threshold for enacting the larger tax cuts still work for Iowans. ITR looks forward to being involved in the discussion."


ITR is encouraged to hear the Governor shares our priorities of job licensing reform and bridging the welfare cliff for childcare, both of which should deliver more economic opportunity to Iowans.


Chris Ingstad, ITR President, added, "Two years ago, lawmakers started income tax rate reductions. Last year, they increased property tax transparency. This year, policymakers have the opportunity to build on earlier tax reforms, make it easier to enter new careers, and guarantee support is given to those who are genuinely in need."


ITR represents all Iowa taxpayers. The organization has been fighting for Iowa taxpayers for over 40 years in the constant battle between the taxpayer and bureaucrats who want to spend their money.

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